Individual Sessions

Here’s how individual coaching sessions work:

  • We start with a free introductory session.
    We don’t do any wellness coaching during this session, but you find out how we partner to advance your wellness.  And you get a detailed wellness assessment to complete for our first real working session.

  • Once you’ve filled out and returned your wellness assessment (completely confidential), we set up a regular time to meet every week.

  • You can commit to a “block” plan of weekly sessions (4, 8, 12 sessions or more) or choose a pay-per-session plan. Pricing varies according to which coaching plan you choose, and the price-per-session is discounted with commitment to a larger block. Click here to learn more.

  • Our first real working wellness session is a review of your assessment (typically 90 minutes).  We also set your personal vision and goals, which we’ll track and update in future sessions.

  • After the initial wellness session, we meet every week at the same time for 45 to 50 minutes.  The meeting can be remote or face-to-face (face-to-face is preferred).  Remote meetings take place via phone or Skype.  Face-to-face meetings typically happen in Andover, MA at the Clear And Now Holistic Health Center on 52 Main Street.

  • If you need to cancel or move a meeting, 24 hours advance notice is required and 48 hours is preferred.


In our weekly meetings, we’ll explore this ongoing agenda:

  • Developing a clear and practical vision.

  • Eliciting your motivation and increasing your capacity for change.

  • Developing integrated (mind, body, spirit), specific, measurable and realistic plans/goals directly connected to your vision. These goals might be:

    • Performance oriented (e.g., biometric goal like weight loss)

    • Skill oriented (e.g., learning how manage stress or eat mindfully or compete in a triathlon)

    • Behavioral (e.g., walking every morning for 30 minutes)

    • Psychological (e.g., emotional regulation or mindfulness)

  • Tracking and measuring the above goals and your progress, as you have defined them.

The coaching disciplines, strategies and practices I draw on — positive psychology, counseling therapy, mindfulness training, appreciative inquiry and motivational interviewing – are evidence-based and encourage you to direct your own wellness initiatives.  They trust and rely on your personal strengths and resources. They assume you are the best agent – and sustainer — of your own change. Our approach will not focus on your deficits or just hand you a nutrition or exercise program.  The program is less than half the battle.  Empowering you to stick with a program that’s been designed for you is what really makes the difference in your short and long term outcomes.

Though I can offer some expertise in exercise, nutrition, stress management and other wellness areas, the details of that content won’t be the focus of our sessions. Other subject matter partners/experts – nutritionists, personal trainers, etc. – are expected and readily welcomed/integrated into this wellness coaching practice. I work closely with other holistic health practitioners at Clear And Now Holistic Healing Center in Andover, MA (and others) to provide a full range of integrated services.  I can assist with referrals as necessary.


If you’re interested in more information about wellness coaching, I’d like to hear from you.   Your wellness is closer than you think.