Your leadership isn’t about being in charge.

It’s about your state of mind-body and the actions it produces. Here’s how you can strengthen your most important leadership resource.Leaf_button_PNG


Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Great teams require great leadersBusiness_Woman. Having been a C-level executive in both the private and nonprofit sectors, I understand through experience and study the rigors, challenges and stresses of business and organization leadership.

The quality of your leadership is directly related to your wellness.  Your job is to influence people, make tough decisions, and be a role model and change agent. If your mental and physical health/energy are compromised, so is your leadership.  We love to work hard, and often when work gets really demanding — without making a single decision to do so — we leave behind the very practices that undergird our wellness. When that happens, work demands and compromised wellness can obscure a path which promotes and partners both work and personal wellness investment.


I’ve been there, as an ex-Chief Information/Technology and interim Chief Marketing Officer working in several large nonprofits (Mercy Corps and Plan International), and as a senior manager/director in the high technology sector (Lotus/Iris/IBM).  And with lots of study and experimentation, I figured out how to get back on a wellness path to strengthen — not hinder — my work/leadership with wellness initiatives.  With both executive/leadership experience and wellness knowledge/experience, I can help you explore/recover the relationship between your own health and leadership excellence.


Here are some opportunities and goals we might pursue in a wellness coaching engagement:

  • Improve your wellness in service of your professional effectiveness, work-life balance and overall life satisfaction.  Figure out why your professional virtues might not be carrying over from the workplace to your own wellness struggles.

  • Discover or revitalize your professional and life vision/goals to align with your natural preferences, skills and experience. And align that vision and goal set with practical, attainable daily priorities.

  • Become more influential and effective as a leader by learning mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The most important — and neglected — soft skill set a leader can possess.

After a free consultation and wellness assessment, both one-time “jump-start” sessions and multi-session packages are available. Individual sessions can be either remote (via phone or Skype) or — depending on your location and the nature of engagement — face-to-face at your workplace or my office (Boston, MA area).  Pricing is highly dependent on the nature/extent of the coaching engagement(s).


Your wellness is your most valuable leadership asset.

Contact Chip to reinvest in it.