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MudLotusHealth offers evidence-based wellness coaching services for individuals, groups, leaders, and companies; see below.  Testimonials are here. Then contact me for scheduling and pricing.


Individual Wellness Coaching

Coaching is available for motivated individuals on a per man-jogging-against-blue-skysession or package basis (4, 8, 12  and 24 session packages). After a free consultation and an initial 90 minute wellness assessment session, ongoing weekly coaching sessions are 45 minutes each. Sessions can be either remote (via phone or Skype) or local (Andover, MA) at Clear and Now Holistic Healing Center.


Group Wellness Coaching

The support and wisdom of a group can be a powerful change catalyst. Group wellness sessions are available for individuals Colored_Pencils(between 4 and 8 participants) on a per session or discounted package basis (8 session and 12 session packages). After a free individual consultation and assessment, ongoing weekly or biweekly sessions are usually 90 minutes each. Group coaching sessions are face-to-face in Andover, MA at Clear and Now Holistic Healing Center.


Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Great teams require great leadersBusiness_Woman. And your wellness relates directly to the quality of your leadership. Having been a C-level executive in both the private and nonprofit sectors, I understand through experience and study the rigors, challenges and stresses of business and organization leadership.

If you are a executive or leader, I can help you:

  • Improve your wellness in service of your professional effectiveness, work-life balance and overall life satisfaction.

  • Discover or revitalize your professional and life vision/goals to align with your natural preferences, skills and experience. And align that vision and goal set with practical, attainable daily priorities.

  • Become more influential and effective as a leader by learning mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The most important — and neglected — soft skill set a leader can possess.

After a free consultation and assessment, both one-time “jump-start” sessions and multi-session packages are available. Sessions can be either remote (via phone or Skype) or local (Boston, MA area).


Organization and Business Services

More and more organizations and businesses are bringing wellness to the workplace.  That makes sense for the typical employee who spends more than half of his/her waking life in the workplace. Audience_ParticipationAnd it makes more sense for your company. Your culture, productivity and growth are all directly impacted by employee wellness. Here are some options that mudLotusHealth offers for your organization or company:

  • A free initial clinic or workplace talk on a wellness topic of your choice.

  • Two or four part clinics/workshops aimed directly at improving employee wellness and increasing productivity.

  • On-site wellness assessments and coaching for participating employees on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, discounts dependent on participation level.

Examples of impactful topics for workshops/clinics at your workplace:

  • Top ten workplace threats to wellness and how to beat them.  Myths and facts about wellness and the workplace.

  • Wellness/Mindfulness meets productivity. How mindfulness can help you reduce stress, learn more, produce more and be a change agent.

  • A modern and effective path to tough change.  How to create and sustain any type of personal or professional change.

  • The relationship between wellness and culture. How to foster wellness and overhaul your culture at the same time.

  • Engagement Without Stress: Stress management for the adrenaline junkie.

  • Negative and positive wellness trends; what they mean for you and your organization.

These are just samples of talks/workshops available. I can work with you and your organization to craft a presentation, workshop or program specific and highly relevant to your organization’s culture, environment and mission.


Referral and Related Services

Chip and mudLotusHealth partner with ClearAndNowLogoClearAndNow Holistic Healing to provide a full range of self-empowerment and healing services for clients invested in higher quality living.

The practitioners at ClearAndNow are diverse experts at advancing your wellness, with services ranging from psychotherapy to therapeutic massage to mindfulness and meditation training to Acupuncture.  Find out more about ClearAnd Now services!!